DA MOTUS! (da!=give, offer! / motus=movement) was founded in 1987 and has performed at international Festivals and other important cultural events in more than 200 cities of 45 countries. In 2014, the company received the Cultural Prize of the State of Fribourg, in Switzerland, and in 2015 the company has been awarded the Swiss Dance Award for its show "souffle".

"DA MOTUS! is highly admired internationally as a company that again and again opens up new and original gateways to dance, especially with its outdoor projects." (Federal Dance Jury, 2015)

The company has an instinctive and sensitive approach to movement. The choreographic work, always created with the dancers’ collaboration and enriched by their different personalities, aims nowadays a physicality imbued with consciousness. The vivacious plasticity of plant life, the vibrant and breathing quality of animals’ movement and the subtle and sensitive exchange of human relations inspire and stimulate the body language of DA MOTUS!

Researching intensity and awareness, they work stays out of trendy and volatile art approaches, in order to focus on prudently exploring the creative process and the artistic perception. Their shows are eclectic and attest a lively creativity, enriched by a subtle ability to play with the circumstances, on stage as well as out-door in specific sites. DA MOTUS! distinguishes itself by the variety of his artistic offer, but also by its talent to move and to have appeal to different audience.

Because of its unique gestural vocabulary, DA MOTUS! can be situated in the border zone of dance art. Certainly a reason why since 1987 DA MOTUS!'s pieces have been performed from Portugal to Russia, from Sweden to Greek, in South and Central America, Canada, South Africa, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Pakistan, India, Japan and China not only in the framework of dance events.

Thanks to the artistic quality and its international activity DA MOTUS! has been enjoying since 2003 of a three-years support by the Cultural Department of the Canton Fribourg. The Arts Council of Switzerland Pro Helvetia and the Foundation Equilibre-Nuithonie Fribourg have signed since 2006  the convention of cooperative support every 3 years with DA MOTUS! (as ”company of supraregional and international influence”). Thanks to its successful work this convention has been renewed for the period 2009-2011 and 2012-2014. DA MOTUS! is supported as well by Loterie Romande, CORODIS Commission Romande de Diffusion des Spectacles and the Municipality of Givisiez.